A tour of vegan restaurants and homemade recipes.

This blog is a visual journal of the vegan lifestyle run by two vegetarians who are transitioning into veganism. We are on a mission to visit as many vegan restaurants as possible to experience all of the exciting and new vegan eats around the Bay Area. We’ll document any sweet finds around our way as well as our own homemade recipes. We are really excited about this adventure and hope to inspire others to seek a healthier, cruel free lifestyle. Thanks for visiting!

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  • Vegan Paradice | Fairfield

    Really quick: this place serves the BEST chik’n burgers this side of the bay. The texture of their chik’n is reminiscent of real of real chicken, their sauces (all freshly made every day) are delicious & their chips are a plus. We loved it here and will probably be back real soon because it’s so close!

    Quick and simple:

    Gardein chik’n strips, grilled red & green bell peppers, onions, red pepper hummus, baby spinach, & alfalfa sprouts on grilled tortillas!

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